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Thomas Strejlau

Officer in Charge (OIC)                                                           

phone icon Phone: (315) 654-3400            
fax Fax: (315) 654-3369 
email icon Email

house 177 N. James Street
PO Box 337
Cape Vincent, NY 13618
Hours of Operation

Emergency Contact
Jefferson County Sheriff's Department
phone icon Phone: (315) 788-1441

The Cape Vincent Police Department is a part time agency.  The agency employs five well seasoned part-time officers that have over 75 years of combined law enforcement experience.  This experience combined with being a small town allows our police department to spend its time being proactive rather than reactive.  The police department operates with the desire to enhance the quality of life and maintain a pleasant experience for its residents and visitors.  Our officers understand the importance of community involvement through community policing and work diligently to foster good working relationships with its residents.  The agency works for a successful conclusion of every incident, balancing the outcome based by the need.
The police department is part time and hours of operation vary.  Calls for emergencies (911), or for immediate assistance should be directed through the Jefferson County emergency dispatch center (315) 788-1441.  They will dispatch the closest available car.  Non-emergency calls may be left with the Cape Vincent police department by calling the station at (315) 654-3400 extension 4.