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Upgrading the Village Sewer System
The Village has completed the process of replacing its sewage treatment plant and lift stations to comply with DEC regulations and provide a system that will allow for additional users.  The new plant will be able to handle 260,000 gallons per day (gpd) compared to the old system that could only handle 144,000 gpd.

Upgrading the Village Storm Drain Infrastructure
A program has been started to repair and upgrade the storm drains in the Village of Cape Vincent. There are 11 main drains leading to the river that need repair and upgrading. The program is to start at the river of each main drain and work south through the Village cleaning, repairing and in some cases enlarging the system. This is a long term program that will take several years. Though we have started working, it will be necessary to apply for grants to help support the program.

Repairing Village Sidewalks
A program has been set up to repair the village sidewalks. For the program, the Village is putting in the budget each year $10,000 for materials and using village labor to replace approximately 2500 to 3000 feet of sidewalk each year.

Updating the Village of Cape Vincent Zoning Laws
The zoning laws of the Village of Cape Vincent are being updated. A team of seven people made up of the Jefferson County Department of Planning Community Development Coordinator, one Village Trustee, the Village Planning Board Chairperson, the Village Zoning Board of Appeals Chairperson and three Village of Cape Vincent Citizens.